We are costamendes. We’ve been collaborating in photography and video for more than 10 years. We first met when we attended some classes together back in college in Porto. We met later in the corporate world and formed a small team of two, working in the communication department of a portuguese company. Our different artistic backgrounds, the common interest in visual communication, the trust and understanding we developed in those years as work buddies lead us to want to start something by ourselves. Our studio is in Porto, Portugal.

About Liliana Mendes

Back in 1994 she bought her first photographic system with the savings of a summer job at a hotel swimming pool. Maybe it explains her passion for photography and summer holidays. Soon after she graduated from the Fine Arts College of Porto in Communication Design (2004), she complemented her interest in photography by studying in Instituto Português de Fotografia. Her professional and artistic activity continuously comprehended different subjects of interest, being photography and video central in this path.

About Duarte Costa

His passion for images  exists as long as he can remember. Photography and drawing were a few of the mediums he used as a child to explore this interest, finding later in cinema and in fine arts a natural continuity for it. Graduated from the Fine Arts College of Porto in 2003, he then joined several courses and workshops on different subjects of sound and image. His professional and artistic activity has always evolved throughout video, photography and even scenography.