2015 Porto Fashion Film Festival Porto Fashion Film Festival in 2015 meant to costamendes and Goldmud the achievement of three prizes in the category of brand videos. We were very honored for bringing Goldmud such an achievement. This project wouldn't be possible for us without the invitation of Rui Félix Furtado and Tiago Dias da Silva (Most+Amazing+One), the brand strategists for Goldmud. We are all very pleased for the result of this intense collaboration, that tried to support the vision of Miguel Abreu, Goldmud's owner. Having the Berlin Fashion Film Festival as a partner was also interesting in this edition. The jury: Frank Funke (Berlin Fashion Film Festival director), Patrícia Barnabé (Editorial Manager of Vogue Portugal), Bob Jeusette (belgian photographer and film director), Hélder Rosendo (CITEVE vice president), José Pedro Sousa (film director) and Júlio Torcato (portuguese fashion designer).